Trade finance 

HTF facilitates tailored solutions for companies to obtain their objectives regarding working capital optimization and trade risk management.

Our products

Trade Finance solutions

Trade finance solutions concerns trade transactions and signify financing for trade. Trade finance makes it possible and easier for buyers and suppliers to transact business. The solutions optimize companies’ cash position by monetizing the receivables and reducing the need for credit facilities. They provide commercial opportunities by removing late payment and credit risk, enabling the supplier to offer more competitive terms to strengthen existing business and win new clients.

Trade finance working capital solutions

HTF provides a win-win situation for the buyer and the supplier, providing early payment for the supplier and opportunity for extended terms for the buyer. Feasible solutions are Receivables Purchase, Supply Chain Finance and Letter of Credit Discounting.

The right solution from the right institution at the right price

Trade finance solutions are not core business in any company, nor at your bank. Finding the right solution to meet your objectives can be challenging. And since they are not provided from one sole entity - let alone offered in an unbiased manner, it might prove even more challenging to find the right alternative.  
HTF will assess and advise on solutions and terms impartially among financial institutions and credit insurers. With trade and working capital expertise, corporate banking experience and necessary network, combined with in-debt industry knowledge, HTF can tailor the solutions to customers' needs and expectations.  

Trade Risk Management

Management of commercial risk factors, and safeguarding payment and delivery, is crucial. Risk mitigation solutions entail credit insurance, documentary letters of credit, international guarantees and standby LCs, as well as payment and delivery terms.